My nickname has accompanied me as a signature in all my paintings.

My name is Melissa and my nickname Lali, created with much affection by my mother since I was very little...

Designing is my passion, painting complements my life and my profession.

My story?
How did it all come about?

It started with my first pregnancy, which was risky and being on bed rest I decided to look for everything for my baby on the internet.

I found a blue and pink world and accessories without style and the same in all brands.

So I decided to design original accessories, different from the market, practical, comfortable and above all functional for parents or any family member who was with the kids ... I still remember being immersed in lots of papers and sketches around my bed ... but with an immense satisfaction of having something so beautiful and unique for my son ...

Creating during this time a brand, where I felt from the first moment that I complemented myself, where I felt free to practice my profession and to use my passion

Meli+Lali was born together with my son, the creation of this project has united us with family, friends and people who love the brand, thus forming an extraordinary team.

But this extraordinary team needed someone special and shortly after starting, my sister Veronica returned from abroad and that's when everything started to flow.... she arrived bringing wonderful ideas and using her engineering brain to bring great value to the products, soon becoming our brand's Lali ....

Currently we are inspired by family experiences (which being a mother of 3 children has increased), that of friends and our customers, in the environment that Spain offers us and in the tenderness, beauty and sincerity of all babies.

We make and work with our workshop in Girona, we believe in sustainable fashion and apply sustainability in all our products

We always bet on new trends, changes and the comfort of everyday life.

With avant-garde, original and high quality collections.

We create unique bags for stylish families

Our family in this great adventure

Our team

Founder & CEO


Co Founder




Graphic design


Our Girona workshop