First-time mothers and their bag full of doubts

by Melissa Gonzales on Jun 09, 2021

Madres primerizas y su bolsa llena de dudas

Some of the typical questions new moms all over the world ask ourselves, no matter how many books we've read, tips from other moms we've heard and maternity courses we've attended, are:

How do I know if my baby is breathing well?

How do I change a newborn's diaper?

Best ointments for diaper rash?

What foods can't I eat when I am breastfeeding?

What is the technique to make my milk come out?

Meli+Lali will not be able to give you an answer to all these questions, since getting to know your baby, day after day, will help you solve many of your doubts. But I bet you that I will give you an accomplice smile, if you keep reading.

The kind of doubts that many mothers keep in their maternity bag for the first time, either out of shame or guilt, are:

Where do I turn this baby off so she won't cry anymore?

Won't there be a way to keep my breast this size?

How long is it that I can't even have a glass of wine?

When can I wear my favorite jeans again?

Why does it feel like I've been running a marathon every day?

Honestly, being a mom is a gift full of joys as well as challenging moments. At least that's how I live it. Courage woman that this adventure is just beginning and you are the one who decides what to keep or take out of your bag!

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