When the baby stroller is your best networking...

by Melissa Gonzales on Jun 07, 2021

Cuando el carrito del bebé es tu mejor networking…

Moms, do you know how much of your week you spend walking behind your baby's stroller? I invite you to take that count and above all to take advantage of this routine to discover people, corners and inspiring things for you and other moms.

Hasn't it ever happened to you that when you go for a walk with your child, everyone starts to interact? You realize that thanks to that cute little flirt with the cute little eyes or that cute little guy who waves to everyone from the stroller, your social circle can expand.

When I began to reflect on the power of child-mother attraction, our outings became more enjoyable. I took the time to learn more about "the acquaintances" who greet Miguel, I tried going to new streets to notice what was new in the neighborhood and who else we met, I left embarrassment aside and, like him, I encouraged myself to greet other mother-son pairs.

That's how I realized that, without speaking yet, my son became the best networking ally. And I began to meet more mothers, weaving networks, going to cafes and beautiful places where he could play and I could dedicate a little more of my mind to my venture Meli+Lali.

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