How to make Easter eggs for Easter?

by Melissa Gonzales on Jun 07, 2021

¿Cómo hacer huevos de Pascua para la Semana Santa?

Easter eggs are a gift that many of us receive and give, but do you know the origin and why they are given at Easter? A little context, before starting with the crafts and recipes will come in handy.

The Christian abstinence of Lent in ancient times consisted not only in not eating meat during this period, but also eggs and dairy products. Chickens of course did not understand religion and continued to lay their eggs, so they had to be kept.

Some covered the eggs with wax to keep them fresh for longer, until Easter Sunday arrived and they finally became a plentiful gift associated with the end of Easter. Egg decorating and confectionery joined the tradition later.

Now that you know the history, are you ready to make them at home?

Chocolate Easter eggs recipe

You must melt chocolate in a bain-marie and with the help of a brush cover egg-shaped silicone molds and put them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. Repeat 3 or 5 times, depending on how thick you want them. Then, place some candy or surprise inside, press the two halves together to close them and use the excess chocolate as a glue, if necessary with the help of a lighter melt the edges of each half a little to make them stick better. Wrap them as you like and that's it!


Coloring Easter eggs

Carefully crack the top of an egg shell about a centimeter from the top, so that it is practically whole. Reserve the white and yolk for cooking later and rinse and let the shells dry. Fill the eggs with confetti and cover them with colored tissue paper - now they're ready for you to paint to your liking!


Marzipan Easter Eggs

Prepare a dough made of almond paste, butter and sugar using a little milk to give it a moldable consistency. Make life-size eggs with the dough and freeze them. Now melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, dip the frozen eggs and decorate them with whatever you like before they dry.


Enjoy delicious Easter eggs!

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