Make children eat fruits and vegetables, let's all cry!

by Melissa Gonzales on Jun 07, 2021

Hacer comer frutas y vegetales a los niños, ¡lloremos todos!

Vegetables and fruits for children seem to be among their first enemies in life. But a creative and dedicated mother can more than any tantrum of your child. Find out how to make them eat vegetables and fruits, without ending up all crying in frustration at the table.

Why do they have to have so many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and so much of what that little body needs to ingest that it becomes demonic every time you try to give him a spinach, a tomato or a plum? Better not wear yourself out with this kind of rhetorical questions and let's start with the ideas.


Turn carrots, zucchini and eggplant into a dish as appetizing as spaghetti. You can even mix them with some real pasta, so as not to raise so many suspicions.


Dishes with figurines

Love begins with the eyes, right? Then take advantage of all the colors and make little animals and landscapes so that your child will be encouraged to eat all the fruits on his plate.


Little hamburgers

Mix some minced beef or chicken with all the mashed vegetables you can think of. An egg and bread crumbs or the flour of your choice will help it to take the ideal consistency.


Juices and ice cream

Ideal for snacks at home! Some combinations you can try:

  • Banana with nuts
  • Pumpkin, coconut milk and cinnamon
  • Mango and beet
  • Cucumber, pineapple and mint


According to the fruits of the season, vary the options. The secret is to blend the fruits and vegetables with little water or milk, so that the juices have a creamy consistency. In summer, you can freeze them and make natural ice cream.


Good luck with this mission to get kids to eat more vegetables and fruits!

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