Gifts and crafts for Father's Day

by Melissa Gonzales on Jun 07, 2021

Regalos y manualidades para El Día del Padre

Children's Father's Day crafts will exist for all time and will always be a beautiful token of affection. But dads also deserve to receive modern gifts on March 19 that connect them to their fatherhood.

That's why I'm sharing with you a list of gifts for different budgets and tastes. Some handmade, others of national design, all available in online stores with a young spirit similar to that of Meli+Lali: quality products made with love by entrepreneurs who believed in their business ideas.

Funny T-shirts

A bit of fashion and humor to express the happiness and pride of being dads.



Because sometimes dark circles under the eyes are part of a dad's look, help him hide the few hours of sleep in style.


Skateboard car

Fun family, stay together. Don't let people on the street know who's the kid and who's the adult.


Finally, kids will always win their dads' hearts with the popsicle stick picture frame, watercolor drawings and other typical crafts to celebrate their day.

Moms, take advantage of this day to surprise and pamper the father of your spoiled little person!

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